General Information

All permits sold during season shall not be valid until the next calendar day.

REFUND POLICY - Refunds can be issued for the following:

  1. upon death of the applicant prior to the season of use,
  2. unknowing duplication of specific issue (does not include duplication contrary to law or regulation),
  3. permit issued in error by the department,
  4. armed forces personnel experiencing a change of duty station prior to the first day of season, preventing the use of the permit,
  5. under direction of court order or at the direction of the prosecuting attorney.

Permits are not transferable.

It is illegal use drugs, chemicals, or any chemical compound as part of or in conjunction with broadhead arrows to take big game use dogs for the purpose of pursuing, chasing, hunting or taking big game shoot at, kill or pursue big game from a motorboat, airplane, motor vehicle or other water, air, or land vehicle. use two-way radios in any manner for the purpose of pursuing, chasing, or hunting big game, or to give information concerning the location of big game animals by radio or mechanical means. use live decoys and electronic calls. (It is legal to use decoys, nonelectronic calls and lures) throw or cast the rays of a spotlight, headlight or other artificial light on any highway, roadway, field, grassland, woodland, or forest, for the purpose of spotting, locating, or taking any wildlife animal while having in possession any archery or firearms equipment.


Any individual who has ever received an "Any-Elk" or "Bull-Only" elk permit in the past is not eligible to apply for or receive another "Any-Elk" or "Bull-Only" elk permit, but may apply for and be eligible to receive an "Antlerless-Only" elk permit.

Any individual receiving an "Antlerless-Only" elk permit from the draw is eligible to apply for and receive an "Any-Elk" or "Bull-Only" elk permit, but is not eligible to apply for or receive an "Antlerless-Only" elk permit during the following five-year period.

Hunt-Own-Land elk permits may be purchased on a yearly basis, if permits are available.

Elk permit holders, upon harvesting an elk, are required to contact KDWP staff within two days to arrange for collection of tissue samples, to monitor for occurrence of chronic wasting disease.