Furharvester License



A furharvester license is required to hunt, trap, or pursue (run) furbearing animals, or to sell their pelts. A furharvester license is required to trap coyotes, and a hunting license is required to hunt them. The same license required to take coyotes is required to sell their pelts. Unlicensed, non-participating observers may accompany a licensed furharvester but may not carry or use equipment, control dogs, or otherwise assist with furharvesting activities. Residents 15 and younger may purchase
a junior furharvester license at a reduced price. Youth 13 and younger accompanied by a licensed furharvester are exempt.


The following persons are not required to have a furharvester license:

• owners of land or tenants of land leased or rented for agricultural purposes, and immediate family members living with them, while furharvesting on this land;
• residents 13 and younger accompanied by a licensed furharvester;
• legally-defined Native American Kansas residents (must apply for free license);
• nonresidents using field trial permits issued by KDWPT. This applies to furharvesting only; a furharvester license is required of these exempt individuals when selling furbearers or their pelts.