Legal Equipment


  • Furbearer and Coyote Hunting – firearms (except fully automatic), bow and arrow, and crossbow.
  • Furbearer and Coyote Trapping – foothold traps, body-gripping traps, box traps, cage traps, snares, colony traps, and deadfalls.


Furbearers and coyotes may be taken at night, but use of artificial light, including optics that project or amplify light, is prohibited. However, hand-held, battery-powered flashlights, hat lamps, or hand-held lanterns may be used to take trapped furbearers, trapped coyotes, or furbearers treed by dogs with .17 and .22 rimfire rifles and handguns.


Calls, lures, baits and decoys may be used in taking furbearers and coyotes.


The following may only be used in water sets: body-gripping traps with jaw-spreads 8 inches or greater; and foothold traps with jaw-spreads greater than 7 inches.

"Water set" means any trapping device in which the gripping portion is placed at least half-submerged in flowing or impounded waters and remains in contact with the water.


Snares are prohibited in dryland sets within 50 feet of the outside edge of a public road or within five feet of a fence bordering a public road. Landowners and tenants or their family members or agents may use snares in the right-of-way adjacent to their lands. Snares must be tagged with the user's name and address or Department issued KDWPT number.