Hunter/ Furharvester Education


Anyone born on or after July 1, 1957, must complete an approved hunter education course before hunting in Kansas. Anyone under 27 years old must carry their hunter education card while hunting. Students must be at least 11 years old to be certified. Youth 12-15 who have completed hunter education may hunt without adult supervision (except during youth seasons when adult supervision is required regardless of hunter education). Exceptions include youth 15 and younger who may hunt without hunter education while directly supervised by an adult 18 or older. Anyone 16 or older who has not completed hunter education may purchase up to two apprentice hunting licenses. An apprentice license is valid one year from date of purchase, and the holder must be under the direct supervision of a licensed adult 18 or older when hunting. Hunter education is not required while hunting one’s own land. Duplicate certificates are provided at no cost at KDWPT regional, district and state park offices or by calling (620) 672-0773.


Persons born on or after July 1, 1966, must successfully complete a furharvester education course approved by KDWPT to purchase a furharvester license or hunt, run, or trap furbearers or trap coyotes on lands other than their own. Course information: (620) 672-5911 or