Reptiles & Other Species


Kansas residents do not need a hunting license to take moles or gophers. Unless exempt, a hunting license is required to take ground squirrels, woodchucks, kangaroo rats, wood rats, armadillos, porcupines, feral pigeons, starlings, house sparrows, rodents, and certain amphibians and reptiles. Season is open year-round. There is no possession limit except on amphibians and reptiles – five of any one species. The take of bullfrogs, common snapping turtles, and softshell turtles requires a fishing license and is covered under fishing regulations. Anyone may obtain a special permit to commercially harvest prairie rattlesnakes at a special rattlesnake roundup only. Permits for those with a valid Kansas hunting license or those not required to have a hunting license are $7.50. Permits for those without a valid hunting license are $22.50. Prairie rattlesnakes may be taken only by hand, snake hook, or snake catcher. This applies to commercial harvest of prairie rattlesnakes (Crotalus viridis viridis) only. No other rattlesnake species may be taken commercially. Timber rattlesnakes are protected. Phone (620) 672-5911 for more information.