Other Wildlife

Regulations pertaining to the following wildlife:

  • Amphibians; except bullfrogs;
  • armadillo;
  • commensal and other rodents, excluding game and furbearing animals;
  • feral pigeon;
  • gopher;
  • ground squirrel;
  • invertebrates;
  • kangaroo rat;
  • mole;
  • porcupine;
  • prairie dog;
  • reptiles, except common snapping turtles and soft-shelled turtles;
  • woodchuck; and
  • wood rat.

Legal Equipment:

  • Bow and arrow;
  • crossbow;
  • deadfall;
  • dogs;
  • falconry;
  • firearms, except fully automatic firearms;
  • glue board;
  • hand;
  • net or seine;
  • optical scopes or sights that project no visible light toward the target and do not electronically amplify visible or infrared light;
  • pellet and BB gun;
  • poison, poisonous gas, or smoke, if the toxicant is registered and labeled for that use and if all permit requirements for use of the poison, poisonous gas, or smoke have been met;
  • projectiles hand-thrown or propelled by a slingshot;
  • snare or noose; or trap.

Season: Year-round

Possession/Bag limit: No maximum daily bag or possession limit

  • Except that no more than five of any one species of amphibian, reptile, or mussel may be possessed and no more than five live specimens of mussels may be possessed. Two opposing shells shall constitute one mussel.

Licenses/Permits: A hunting License is required to take any of the above animals, unless they are invertebrates.