Controlled Shooting Areas

Use the map below to pick a region you would like to look at Controlled Shooting Areas.

Private fee-to-hunt areas licensed by KDWPT are called Controlled Shooting Areas (CSA). CSA season runs Sept. 1 - March 31.  License fee to establish a CSA is $202.50.

A special CSA hunting license may be purchased that is valid only on Kansas CSAs. Hunter education certification is not required on CSAs.

Hunter access to CSAs is through permission of the owner/operator only; trespassing is unlawful. Besides the list below there is also a list of CSA services available at

NOTE: The Kansas Open Records Act (K.S.A. 45-215, et. seq.) and specifically K.S.A. 45-230 provides that “no person shall knowingly sell, give or receive, for the purpose of selling or offering for sale any property or service to persons listed therein, any list of names and addresses contained in or derived from public records...” Violating these provisions may subject violators to civil penalties. See K.S.A. 45-230 for more information.

CSA List
Cheyenne Broken Bar 7 Game Ranch 785-332-2416 or 332-2019
Cheyenne/Sherman R & S Inc Ringneck Country 785-899-5882
Cloud Double K Hunts 785-427-6604
Ellis/Russell Blaine Garrett/Fred Weigel 303-910-0911
Gove Andy J Andrews 303-688-0808 or 870-8881
Gove/Sheridan Fantasy Flyers 785-754-3324
Graham Chenoweth Farms Hunt Club 303-833-8821 or 921-5666
Graham Seven 2 Bar Adventures 785-627-5425
Graham/Rooks C Diamond Outfitter 785-737-5651
Jewell Rader Lodge 785-545-3476
Lincoln/Mitchell Quail Quest Hunting 785-529-2815
Mitchell Don's Guide Service LLC 785-545-3551
Mitchell Ringneck Ranch Inc 785-373-4835
Mitchell Special T Hunting 785-529-4081
Mitchell Tice, LLC 785-534-0072
Osborne/Smith Outdoor Obsessions, Inc 785-565-2584
Rawlins Rooster Run 785-626-0043 or 3700
Republic Czechland Outfitters 785-527-0631 or 2527
Republic Kansas Creek Gamebirds LLC 785-335-2887
Rooks Bellerive Game Farms LLC 785-425-8649
Rooks Mikey's Outfitting 785-425-7082 or 425-6614
Russell LaSada Hunting Service 785-483-3758
Saline Falun Feathers Game Preserve 620-755-4984
Saline Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays II, LLC 936-697-5488
Sherman MJ's Upland Dog Haven 785-821-2607
Sherman T-Bar Ranch 785-899-7200 or 409-770-4341
Thomas Ron Haremza 785-443-3604
Trego Garold E Wasinger 573-374-8641
Northeast CSA List
Clay NCK Outfitters LLC 785-452-5220
Clay Shoot N Stuff Outfitters 785-820-7710
Doniphan Rohrer's Game Farm and Sporting Clays 785-985-2635
Douglas Eckman Hunting Preserve Inc 785-830-0034
Jackson Cokeley Farms 785-771-3817
Jackson Elite Birdfarm 785-383-4034
Jackson/Jefferson/Shawnee Muddy Creek Game Birds & Hunting 785-484-2325 or 249-6952
Johnson Rodrock Hunting Preserve 913-709-3421
Marshall Clear Fork Creek Preserve LLC 785-292-4706
Marshall Keating Hunting Farm 785-537-0366
Marshall Kohman Hunting Preserve 785-396-4523
Shawnee Ravenwood Hunting Preserve 785-256-6444
Wabaunsee Walker Gamebirds and Hunting Preserve 785-640-1388
Washington Scattered Acres Outfitting, LLC 785-770-7440
Southwest CSA List
Barber Barber Ranch LLC 316-264-6366
Barber Phillip S Hellman 620-246-5255 or 243-4515
Barber Triple L. Ranch 620-247-6440
Barton Six Star Outfitters LLC 620-282-1561
Comanche/Pratt Don Blasi 620-770-0087
Finney Big Prairie Hunts LLC 620-335-5760
Finney Colby Drussel 620-640-1610
Finney Sand and Sage LLC 620-260-7199
Finney Weldon Ranch 620-214-0386
Ford Lynn C Maxfield 620-338-1983
Gray Western Kansas Pheasant Hunts 620-846-0223
Haskell Flatland Pheasants 620-353-4395 or 649-2935
Haskell Flying W Pheasant Ranch 620-563-7679 or 629-0946
Haskell Lakeview Acres 620-668-5226
Haskell Lazy J Hunting 620-675-2338
Haskell Pheasants Galore Hunting Service 620-272-1745
Haskell/Seward Golden Prairie Hunting Service 620-675-8490 or 272-6800
Hodgeman Gunsmoke Hunting 620-623-4212
Hodgeman/Ness/Pawnee Ruffhouse Outfitters Co 620-623-2265
Kearny Hartland Valley Hunts LLC 620-353-8626
Kiowa Heft & Sons LLC 620-546-3275
Kiowa Wyrick Farms 620-338-6701
Lane Spring Creek Hunting 620-397-1900
Ness JSFE Inc Corporation 785-623-0458
Ness Twylia Sekavec 785-398-2369
Pawnee/Rush Crosby's Wild Game Adventures 620-617-1519 or 792-2746
Pratt E & P Upland Hunting 620-546-2465
Pratt Hilton Head West 316-650-9926
Pratt Pheasant Farms Inc 620-672-7364
Pratt Scotty W Branum 316-729-7989
Scott Prairie Storm Outfitting 620-214-1802
Stafford LVM, Inc 620-793-2560
Stafford Quivira Ranch and Rattlesnake Ranch 620-793-7811
South Central CSA List
Butler Devlin Enterprises 316-634-1800
Butler Flint Hills Hunting Preserve 316-253-0043
Butler Flying B Ranch 316-618-6089
Butler Hourglass 316-942-7668 or 942-2473
Butler J & S Leasing 316-651-7260
Butler Quail Creek Properties LLC 316-634-1888
Butler Randy Nix 940-325-1406
Butler Siaana Farm 316-264-6366
Butler Skyview Setters 316-648-4822
Chase Christian C McIlvain 316-685-1765 or 682-8482
Chase/Greenwood Highland Ranch 316-691-9575
Cowley AJV Ranch LLC 316-685-4746
Cowley Beaverdam West 620-221-0100
Cowley Eldon Eastman 620-442-0709
Cowley Jay Stanley Jones 316-648-4363 or 733-4277
Cowley Silver Creek Preserve LLC 973-985-1906
Harper Michael Gammill 620-254-7773
Harvey Kansas Gun Dogs & Kisiwa Guided Hunts LLC 316-830-2755
Kingman Bluestem Hunting Preserve 620-532-6361
Kingman David D Lilly Sr 316-540-3810
Kingman Jim's Private Preserve 620-532-4272
Kingman John D Gagnon 316-722-0800
McPherson Ash Creek Upland Game Hunting LTD 620-489-9411
Morris Trenton C Blythe 785-561-0553
Reno Hooray Ranch 620-960-0877
Reno Irish Creek Outfitters LLC 620-465-7718 or 960-3894
Reno Potter Creek Outfitters/Markel Properties 620-727-2579
Reno Prairie Wind Hunting Club Inc 620-538-3119
Reno Reno Ranch LLC 316-264-6366
Reno Richard W Mouser Revocable Trust 316-722-6899
Reno Ringneck Haven 620-802-6335
Reno Todd R Allen 316-210-2815
Rice Grassland Game Preserve LLC 620-663-2238
Rice Upland Adventures 479-263-7581
Sumner Corbin Game Birds LLC 620-440-0692
Sumner Minor Emergency Center PA 316-685-5691 or 841-4526
Sumner Slate Valley Sportsmen's Association, Inc 620-442-6220
Southeast CSA List
Allen/Anderson Darrell Yocham 620-365-1775
Anderson Arrowhead Valley Farms 785-489-2229 or 489-2558
Bourbon Pawnee Wildlife Inc 620-547-2450 or 224-9163
Bourbon Timber Hills Lake 620-743-4114
Bourbon/Crawford Notch 8 LLC, DBA T&C Wildlife 620-638-4300
Chautauqua Matthew L Hankins 479-461-8286
Chautauqua Sharon K Dold 316-640-8886
Cherokee Kansas Outfitters Inc 316-597-2568
Cherokee Running Roosters Hunting Resort 620-389-2508 or 2586
Cherokee Show-Me-Birds Hunt Resort LLC 620-674-8863
Cherokee Spring River Hunts of Kansas 417-437-9691
Elk Devlin Enterprises 316-634-1800
Elk Elk Rock Properties 316-685-6122
Elk Flint Oak/Fall River Land 620-658-4401 or 212-4670
Elk Four Star Marketing Group 316-841-3690
Elk JDM Ranch LLC 316-685-1485 or 648-5084
Elk Roe Family Ranch LLC 620-358-3385
Elk/Greenwood Quail Creek Properties LLC 316-634-1888
Greenwood Charles Treadwell et al 316-652-9155
Greenwood Mary Lynn Oliver 316-685-7779
Greenwood Rucker Properties LLC 620-583-5316
Labette Richard L Babcock 620-421-2485
Linn Larry Largent 913-757-6674
Lyon/Chase Highland Ranch 316-691-9575
Neosho Lil Toledo Lodge LLC 620-244-5668
Woodson Lone Pine Shooting Preserve 620-637-2967