Hunting Atlas

Complete Online Fall Atlas
Complete Online Map of All WIHA (2023-2024 Now Available)

Click the link above for a searchable web map showing the Fall 2023 & Spring 2024 WIHA properties. Click on individual tracts to display walk-in property information. Zoom to areas by city or county name with the search box and choose from various base map options.

ArcGIS App for Smartphones & Tablets

Use the free ArcGIS Field Maps App to bring the WIHA tracts to your mobile device (data signal required). On your mobile device go to your application store (App Store or Google Play) and search for "ArcGIS Field Maps" to download application. Once the app is installed on your device, search the Maps for "KDWP" and select the "KDWP: 2022-2023 WIHA" map to view the current WIHA properties.

GPS Information & Files
Garmin GPS & Google Earth Files (2023-2024 GE Now Available)

Files and instructions for various location format options. Includes Garmin GPS, Google Earth/GE Mobile, and Point/Lat-Long .txt and .csv files. 

Traditional PDF Files of Printed Atlas Maps

Access dates for fall WIHA properties begins either September 1 or November 1, and ends either January 31, March 31, or May 31. Public hunting access to the WIHA properties is limited to the specified access period for the property. Accessing the WIHA properties prior to or after the open access period is prohibited. The access period for each property is indicated in the atlas and included on the WIHA signs at the property.

General WIHA Information (PDF 1.93 MB)
Using the Hunting Atlas (PDF 38.72 MB)