Atchison State Fishing Lake News

Lake News

Staff will lower the Atchison State Fishing Lake approximately 8 feet beginning the first part of August with the intent of keeping the lake lowered until work is completed in late spring of 2021, weather permitting.

The lake will be lowered for several maintenance/improvements.

  1. Superficial damage to the back side of the dam will be repaired. This construction requires lowing of the lake. The construction is needed before more serious problems develop.
  2. In an effort to better control sediment buildup in the boat ramp cove (Southeast corner of lake), we will remove preexisting sediment near the boat ramp. Silt remove will be the main emphases, but the work will be done in a manor so that it can be cleaned out more efficiently in the future, if needed. Protecting this cove and its facilities is extremely important for the future of the lake.
  3. Fish habitat construction and placement will take place during the drawdown. Different types of structures will be built, and brush piles will be placed during this time, to increase fish habitat and benefit anglers.

These improvements will help better protect the structural integrity of the lake, the area around the boat ramp and associated facilities, as well as fishing. The work will also increase the usability of Atchison State Fishing Lake.

Amid construction, fishing will be allowed, with all existing regulations including length and creel limits remaining in effect.