Leavenworth Wildlife Area News

Area News

  • New brush piles have been set to attract and improve fisheries along the east shoreline.
  • The native prairie plot is undergoing intensive management to reduce woody vegetation growth.
  • There is a Refuge area at this property. The primary goal is to allow hunting in safe areas while still accommodating boat anglers and shore anglers and campers. All of the area west of the main road on the west side of the lake and west of the lake spillway is now open to hunting. Check posted boundaries on the area. Special firearm restrictions are in place. Bow and shotgun only will be permitted as there is a high number of visitors and many neighbors in the surrounding areas.

On December 27, 2011

Work begun at the Leavenworth State Fishing Lake Dam where efforts to repair a slide on the east end were undertaken. A small slide had occurred that was approximately 15 feet x 30 feet. We have been required to drain some of the water from the lake to remove pressure during this repair. The Lake is currently 8 feet below spillway mark.

Traffic on Parallel Road was minimally impeded the duration and restabilization plans went quickly and as planned.

Fishing use is still encouraged and Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Fisheries Biologists are enthusiastic about the response crowding on fish species will have on future fisheries possibilities. Efforts have been taken to increase fish habitat using Eastern Red Cedar piles and Osage Orange Hedge piles. These were be placed along the perimeter as so many have been placed before, between and around the fishing jetties and along the banks.

Also work will be done on existing boat ramps to refill areas that have been cleared due to prop-wash from boats loading and unloading. We will also be taking advantage of the low water levels to reach areas previously inaccessible to cleaning crews.

Work was finished Jan. 4 and we hope to see near normal lake levels by late spring, or fall this 2012 year.

Thank you and we appreciate your continued patronage and support.