Shawnee State Fishing Lake News

Lake News

Numerous campfire rings were destroyed by vandalism over the summer of 2010. Due to costs associated with constructing and installing new fire rings and the higher rate of destruction recently, few fire rings will be replaced. In order to prevent numerous rock campfire rings from being made in the camping area, campfires are allowed in these metal rings only as posted at entrances. Enforcement of building illegal rock campfire rings and having fires exceeding the capacity of the provided metal fire rings will be stepped up to help resolve these problems.

Littering remains an issue. Please do your part in helping maintain a clean, healthy environment for everyone to enjoy. Littering laws are strictly enforced and prosecuted by the county district attorney. If you see any litterers, or any other public land violations or vandalism, please contact operation game thief at 1-877-426-3843. You can remain anonymous. The resources are for all to enjoy, please help keep it that way.

Long-term habitat improvements have begun to enhance the native prairie surrounding the lake. Over the next few years, expect to see much mowing, cutting, and burning of woody vegetation. While these species are native, their density is above desirable levels, reducing prairie health and having undesirable impacts on the prairie wildlife. You may also notice random small areas of grassland that appears as if it was mowed, this is from an active haying program we have in place. An agreement is in place with a local farmer to hay portions of our property in the summer on a 3 year rotation to help prevent the spread of woody plants. Haying is timed to avoid disrupting any grassland nesting species.

Major road-work was completed in the fall of 2010. Areas of roadways were re-crowned with new gravel added. A large culvert was repaired to improve drainage and ditches were re-cut and formed. While the roads are in excellent shape now, it is anticipated that a few soft spots will form during the spring thaw that will require additional gravel. Please do not drive in ditches to help maintain good roads and water drainage.