Jewell State Fishing Lake News

JWSL Spring 2011
-The Plum Thicket Shores camping area was renovated and a new shelter erected in 2017.
-A new shelter was built in the Catfish Cove area in 2015 as a local Eagle Scout project.
-We are attempting to control the expansion of phragmites around the lake shoreline.  It is a very challenging invasive species to deal with. 
-There are some very high quality prairie areas on the property that we strive to maintain with regular prescribed burns and other management activities.
Furharvesters’ Volunteer Weekend at Jewell State Fishing Lake

The Kansas Furharvester’s Association- District 3 group came out to Jewell State Fishing Lake on June 11 and 12, 2011 for their annual work day and campout. The group has been assisting the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) with maintenance and enhancement projects at the lake since 1996.

Early Saturday morning, District 3 members were ready to go to work for the day under the supervision of KDWP employees Toby Marlier and Curt Shoemaker. This year’s projects included: concrete construction of a retaining curb and sidewalk section at the group shelterhouse; marker posts were installed, painted, and capped next to all 9 fire rings; and 2 large signs were stained and repainted.

The Furharvesters’ work crew this year was Cleo, Miranda, and Marcus Hahn; Roger and Donna Macy; Jerry Koster; and Eldon Dunstan. At the end of the day a cookout was held at the group shelter that was enjoyed by friends and supporters of the group. After supper, a couple of the members took advantage of the fast paced bluegill fishing available that evening.

If you would like to learn more about or get involved with the Furharvester’s Association, please contact Cleo Hahn at 785-346-4541 or Roger Macy at 785-346-2076.