Woodson State Fishing Lake

2021 Woodson Wildlife Area Dove Management Fields - Located 9 miles West of Yates Center Kansas, in Woodson County.

Overview- 2021 there was approx. 24 acres of Sunflowers planted and 4 acres of Milo/Millet.

Outlook- Sunflowers did fair, with average head size and average yields. Most fields had abundant annual weed production as well, such as Fox Tail Millet and Ragweed. I expect hunters to have normal or average hunting success this 2021 season.

Special Regulations in Effect-

The entire Dove Management fields are highly enforced, Non-Toxic Shot ONLY. The remainder of the WA is open to lead shot for Dove Hunting.

Daily Hunt Permit is required and can be found at kiosk on either parking lot along Hwy 54. Top portion must be COMPLETLY filled out and placed in box, PRIOR to entering field to hunt. Bottom portion of Daily Hunt Permit must be in possession while hunting, and completely filled out and placed in box, at conclusion of hunt.

Pack it In-Pack it Out. All trash shall be placed in receptacles at kiosk on your way out. Leave no trash in the dove fields! No littering policy is strictly enforced.