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Concannon State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area is located on the north side of Highway 156, approximately 17 miles northeast of Garden City Kansas. Approximately 410 acres of grassland, 300 acres of cropland, a 50 acre lake, and a 40 acre marsh make up the property. The area offers a large variety of recreational opportunities to the visitors. Primitive camping is allowed in an area that has ADA restrooms, an ADA courtesy dock, and a boat ramp. The proximity of Concannon to Garden City lends the area well to day use activities such as bird watching, photography, hiking, fishing, hunting and picnicking.

In 2013 2 water holes were constructed in the west half of the property. This will provide an added resource for wildlife when weather is exceptionally dry and should be excellent for migratory birds.

Concannon Lake Bottom


The murky water conditions and extreme water-level fluctuations restrict the fishery of the lake to the stocking of channel catfish. Management plans include the revitalization of the fishery as water levels and other conditions permit. It is possible that the lake fishery will eventually include channel catfish, sunfish, and black bass.

Whitetail Buck


The area offers a wide variety of opportunities to enjoy wildlife. Hunting, bird watching, and outdoor photography are just a few of the permitted activities. The large marshy area, in conjunction with the lake, provides a wonderful place to observe ducks, geese, herons and shore-birds. Other species include ring-necked pheasant, bobwhite quail, white-tailed deer, numerous species of waterfowl, furbearers, and non-game animals.

American avocet

An American avocet, one of the many species found at Concannon.


Manager: Brent Clark (620)276-8886

Lake News - Updated: 10/10/2014

Lake News

Concannon Lake Bottom

In June of 2014 the lake filled and approximately 500 pounds of Channel Catfish were stocked. 

General Information

Manager: Brent Clark (620)276-8886

Special Regulations
  • All regulations pertaining to state fishing lakes are in effect.
  • Vehicles are restricted to maintained roads only.
  • A No Trash policy is in effect. Please take home the trash you create.
  • Release all Largemouth Bass under 15"

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


Concannon State Fishing Lake and Wildlife Area consists of 800 acres, which were purchased by the state in 1989.

Concannon Facilities
ADA Courtesy Dock
  • Type of Facility: Dock
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N38 04 09.08 W100 33 25.13

ADA Restroom
  • Type of Facility: Vault Toilet
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N38 04 10.52 W100 33 23.85

Boat Ramp
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • Location of Facility: N38 03 55.04 W100 33 25.17
  • Click for more information

    This boat ramp is located on the area for hunting and fishing only