Clinton Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers

Updated 2-16-24

BI-Weekly Waterfowl surveys are conducted on Clinton Reservoir every year from Sept. to March.

02/13/24 Survey Results:

Mallard- 330

Teal- 280

Wood duck-0

Wigeon- 42

Gadwall- 6

Northern Shoveler-12

Pintail- 180

Redhead- 0

Ring-Necked duck- 0


Bufflehead- 42

Goldeneye- 470

Hooded Merganser- 0

Common Merganser- 30

Canada Geese -1,620

Unidentified Geese- 0

White-Fronted Geese- 800

Light Geese- 80

total geese- 2,500

Total waterfowl- 3,932

Lake level
Lake Level is 876.45

Conservation Pool is 875.50

Clinton Wildlife Area Refuge is OPEN

 (Closed October 1-January 15)

Hunting conditions


Coblentz - SW and SE pools are 1/2 full; Middle pool 1/3 full, North pool is 3/4 full.

East Coblentz- 1/2 Full

Shadden-   Mostly Dry- filled by rainfall only.

Elk Creek- Elk Creek pools 1, & 2 are half full; pool 3 is 1/4 full and the refuge is mostly full. They are numbered West to East, starting with pool 1 next to boat ramp and parking lot.

Lake- Lake level is just above normal pool. There are many shallow areas of the lake that offer mudflats for waterfowl hunting opportunities.

ICE- There is no ice currently present at the time of update.


Clinton contains miles of creeks, rivers and oxbows on the wildlife area; each of which has unique conditions and frequently hold waterfowl when weather and/or hunting pressure pushes them from marsh pools.
Expected hunting success Poor

IMPORTANT! Clinton Wildlife Area is utilizing an electronic check-in system required of all hunters. To check-in / check-out, please go to using your licensing login credentials.   

Please remember that trapping is also allowed on the Wildlife Area.

Elk Creek (Wakarusa River) and Coon Creek (Lake) boat ramps are open. 

Rock Creek Boat ramp is closed; a gravel launch area for canoes and kayaks is available when lake is near normal pool.