Norton Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers We are currently seeing more big ducks present on the area counting, Pintails, American Wigeon, Mallards and Wood Ducks. Groups of Green- Winged Teal are still being seen on the area. Snow Geese and Canada Geese are migrating through on the leading edge of migration. Birds are becoming smarter and nocturnal. Colder weather would be very useful.  
Water level The water level is lower than last year. 9.2 feet low - 55% of full.
Hunting conditions Hunting pressure is expected to be high. Expect to run into other waterfowl hunters. Water loss from irrigation has created mud flats and some muddy shorelines. In spots hunters will have a tough time finding enough vegetation to hide in. The water lost to irrigation has created areas with steep shorelines that may drop off into water deeper than waders very rapidly.
Expected hunting success Success is expected to be moderate for ducks and geese. These birds are seeing pressure on the area, early scouting would help the opportunity.
Norton Reservoir is in the HIGH PLAINS DUCK ZONE

Blinds may be used and must be constructed of natural herbaceous materials or woody debris that are present on the site.  Blinds constructed of non-natural materials must be removed from the property each day.  Please do not bring materials from off-site. 


Teal Season: September 18 - 26, 2021

Youth Duck Season: October 2-3, 2021

Regular Duck Season:  October 9, 2021 - January 2, 2022, AND January 21-30, 2022

Canada Goose Season: October 30-31 2021 AND November 2 2021 - February 13, 2022


The refuge is NO ACCESS. Geese that have been shot at and land in the refuge CAN NOT be retrieved. Please use common sense and choose shots that will not allow shot geese to land in the refuge.

Leaving dead birds laying in the field/parking lots is prohibited. Goose meat taste delicious - there are multiple recipes online that can teach you how to cook it. Leaving dead birds on the wildlife area because you do not know how to cook them is not allowed.

Pick up all your trash. Leaving candy wrappers, pop bottles, and EMPTY SHELLS is considered littering and you will be ticketed.