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This year will be the first year for the daily permit system in the form of iSportsman at Talmo.  iSportsman is an electronic registration/ data collection tool that will make data collection much easier for staff and allow for real time data analysis and stats throughout the season.  What does this mean for hunters?  Initially, users will need to register with their personal information to set up an account in the iSportsman program.  Once this is completed, the system will allow hunter to call in from any phone or log in from any PC or smart phone and "check-in" to hunt the property for the day.  Once the hunt is over, hunter will call back in and report harvest, etc., similar to returning paper daily permits upon the completion of their hunt.  For hunters that are new to the area, one permit station is available at the area headquarters.

HUNTERS WILL NEED TO ACCESS THE SITE TO REGISTER.  Go to https://kdwpt.isportsman.net/ to register, then scroll down to the blue "register" button at the bottom of the page and then provide the required information (not all information asked is required).  

Once registered, hunters will be able to call or log onto the system to check in and out for each day they hunt on the area.  Hunters will also be able to visit the Jamestown page https://kdwpt.isportsman.net/Locations/Jamestown.aspx to get the latest on waterfowl numbers, water levels and any other news.  More detailed log-in information will be posted on the Jamestown web page and waterfowl reports throughout the season.


Of the 948 acres of public hunting now available on the area, over 290 acres are wetlands.  The rest of the area comprises of native warm season and cool season grasses and ag fields. Some of the wetlands have been enrolled into NRCS WRP program and construction for restoring the majority of these wetlands was complete in 2017. New water control structures and renovation of existing wetlands by subdividing into units so water and vegetation can be managed more effectively was the result of the partnership between KDWPT and NRCS. The goal of the renovation was to provide optimum wildlife habitat, improved user opportunities and play an important role in the overall Lower Republican River watershed management and life span of the marshes.

There are varieties of other wildlife habitats on the area. Upland birds and small game species use weeds, crop fields, grasses and shrubs. The area offers excellent opportunities to view and photograph wildlife.

The limited public lands in Kansas require intensive wildlife management and some special restrictions. This area receives heavy hunting pressure. Wildlife population and hunter use surveys are conducted to evaluate management and the effects of heavy pressure on the area.

Highway 148 & County Rd. 20
8 Miles North & 5 Miles East of Concordia,KS   
Area News - Updated: 11/22/2021
General Information
Highway 148 & County Rd. 20
8 Miles North & 5 Miles East of Concordia, KS   

Wildlife Area Manager: Rob Unruh

Lovewell Area Office Phone: (785) 753-4971

Wildlife Area Manager: Matt Farmer

Jamestown Area Office Phone: (785) 439-6243

Talmo Wildlife Area (OCTET-STREAM - 1.71 kB)

Google Earth file of Talmo Wildlife Area boundaries.

Special Regulations
  • Non-toxic shot required for ALL SHOTGUN hunting.
  • No motorized boats allowed - carry-in ONLY.
  • Electronic Daily hunt permits ARE REQUIRED for ALL hunting.
  • Target practice or target shooting is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Trapping is by permit only. The permit may be obtained from the Lovewell Area Office.
  • No trash receptacles are provide on the area. Please take your trash with you.
  • All motorized vehicles MUST remain on maintained roadways or parking areas.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


In Republic County just southeast of the  town of Talmo, lies a 1,400 acre historic wetland known as Talmo or Seapo(a Native American word meaning ‘great salt basin’), and sometimes known as the “Tuthill Marsh”(named for the first European settler in this area, J.G. Tuthill).  Parcels of this rather large, alkaline wetland have been purchased by the KS. Dept. of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to create approximately 950 acres of new lands open to outdoor recreation. Soon after Kansas statehood, the marsh at Talmo was also one of the original salt marshes deeded to the State by the 36th Congress during Abraham Lincoln’s term in office. Before Kansas was settled by Europeans, salt marshes and salt springs were used by wildlife, Native Americans, and early travelers. Wild animals of the plains, especially bison, deer, antelope, and elk obtained salt from places known as licks or salt flats, where saline ground water reaches the surface and then evaporated during dry times, leaving salt on top of the ground. Early hunters visited the salt marshes to hunt and collect salt. During the wetter times of the year waterfowl and shorebirds in large numbers used these areas for migration stopovers. The area was highly modified during the late 1960's in an attempt to farm the area. After multiple years of farming and flooding, the area was primarily used for grazing cattle.

Talmo Waterfowl Report - 01/07/2022
Waterfowl numbers

No ducks on the area as it is dry

REMINDER: ALL HUNTERS NEED TO CHECK IN TO HUNT USING iSPORTSMAN                                               

Water level All pools are dry, there is some sheet water present on the area, but no ducks have been observed using it.
Hunting conditions Moist Soil Conditions are excellent, however all pools are dry. Bird use dependent upon water levels 
Expected hunting success Will depend upon rainfall.



Low Plains Late Zone Youth/Military Duck Season

10/23/2021 - 10/24/2021

Low Plains Late Zone Duck Season

10/30/2021 - 01/02/2022 and 01/22/2022 - 01/30/2022


- Hunters MUST check in DAILY with iSportsman when doing any hunting on the area

- No ATV's are allowed on Department land and maintained roads.

-ALL shotgun hunters must use NON-TOXIC shot

-No motorized boats allowed. Hunters wanting to utilize boats must carry/paddle them in.

-The area has a no trash policy.  If you take it in, please bring it back out with you.  This includes spent shotgun shells.

-ALL vehicles MUST remain on the roads and designated parking areas only.