Wilson Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Survey ran on 01/28; 9490 total ducks with 7,600 mallards; remainder a mix of gadwall, pintail, wigeon, goldeneye; ~ 730 Canada Geese  
Water level 1515.64 ft and steady; (Conservation pool is 1516.0 ft)
Hunting conditions Cedar Creek boat ramp and Elm Creek boat ramp closed due to ICE.  Ice line is east of Elm Creek boat ramp. 
Expected hunting success Fair

Waterfowl Seasons: 

Low Plains Late Zone: October 30-January 2; January 22-30, 2022

Refuges are closed Sept 1-Jan 31 to all access except by special permit.

Zebra mussels are in Wilson Lake, so be sure to drain/dry/clean boats and equipment before moving to other areas.

Click HERE for Duck Season, Regulation, and Research information.

Click HERE for hunting regulations in Lucas Park, Minooka Park, and Sylvan Park.