Byron Walker Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Some birds are finding the lake.  No outstanding numbers seen.   
Water level Kingman State Lake is less than 1/4 flooded.  The huntable part of the lake has some water in the borrow in front of the dam as well as a pool just NW of the west island.  The inlet canal filled last week and has started to provide water to the west end of the lake.  With leaf drop, the Bison marsh now has water.  Significant rainfall needs to occur to provide a reasonable amount huntable water. 
Hunting conditions

 2023 is acting like how it began, dry.  We drained the lake this summer to rehabilitate the fishery.  Now dry conditions have recurred and the lake is filling slowly.  Currently there is limited water in the huntable portion of the lake and the inlet canal is full.  The Bison marsh also has some water as of this week.   Vegetation conditions are good though it will take significant rainfall or a killing frost to expedite any real beneficial change in water levels. 


Expected hunting success    Severely limited.