Cheney Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers Approximately 150 puddle ducks mainly Mallards and Gadwall, 3,200 divers mainly Golden Eye and Scaup with a mix of Bufflehead, Redhead and Canvasbacks. Very few geese were seen during the survey. 
Water level 3.1 feet below Conservation Pool on reservoir.
Hunting conditions


We finally received some rain, but it had very little effect on the reservoir and area streams and rivers. The Ninnescah River has minimal flow and all area creeks and ponds that usually hold water are dry.  There is not enough water to launch boats from Wentzle Cove, Fish Cove or Deweese Camp Area boat ramps. The only useable ramps are located in Cheney State Park and the Red Bluff boat ramp. 

Expected hunting success  Poor 


Cheney Wildlife Area is located in the Low Plains Late Zone

Low Plains Teal Season: Sept. 10-25, 2022

Low Plains Late Zone Youth/Veteran/Military Season is Oct. 22-23, 2022. 

Low Plains Late Zone Duck Season is Oct 29, 2021-Jan 1st, 2023, and Jan 21-29, 2023.

Dark Goose Season Oct. 29-30, Nov. 2, 2022 - Feb. 12, 2023

White Fronted Geese: Oct. 29, 2022 - Jan. 1, 2023 and Jan. 21 - Feb. 12, 2023

Daily bag limit: 6

Six ducks is the daily bag limit, with species and sex restrictions as follows: 5 mallards (no more than 2 of which may be females), 3 wood ducks, 2 redheads, 2 canvasbacks, 1 pintail, and 1 scaup. The daily bag may comprise six of any other duck, such as six teal, six gadwall, six merganser or six wigeon.

Possession limit: Three times the daily limit.

The refuge at Cheney Wildlife Area, located on the south side of Pretty Prairie Rd between Obee Rd and Kent Rd, extends out from the shoreline 100 yards into the water. What this means is that water along the shoreline of the refuge is included in the restricted access area and is off limits to hunting. Accessing the refuge by boat or hunting near the refuge shoreline is not permitted.

Remember Cheney Reservoir has ZEBRA MUSSELS. Make sure to Clean, Drain and Dry your equipment. Clean all visible vegetation and mud from decoys, bags, waders, etc. Drain water from decoy bags and boats. Allow equipment to Dry for a five day period before using it at another area, OR wash with high-pressure hot water.

Many of the roads around the reservoir can get very greasy after rain, or melting snow, please use good judgement about which roads you try to travel on. Area roads have been upgraded with gravel. Please keep vehicles on maintained road and parking areas. Off road vehicle use is strictly prohibited.

Please report all wildlife and public lands violations that you witness by calling the area headquarters at (620) 459-6922. Please leave a detailed message with violation specifics. In the event of an emergency, please call 911.