Marais des Cygnes Waterfowl Report -
Waterfowl numbers

Good number of ducks in the refuge units. Mostly mallards and teal.  Very few geese.   

Hunting success has been average.  Waterfowl are feeding heavily at night.  

Water levels

Due to shorter vegetation height, hunters can expect to have slightly shallower water than previous years. Boats will be difficult to launch and use in the majority of units.    

Water levels are huntable in the following units: A-North, A-East, F-West, F-South, F-East, C-South (low to mid elevations) and Unit G. All refuge units have good water.  Some smaller wetlands have been pumped.  Green tree units will be pumped in the next couple weeks.  Unit E has very little water in it and will require a large rain event for that to change.  

With a little scouting, hunters should be able to find opportunities.  

Hunting/ Habitat conditions

Early flooding and late droughts made for an adverse growing season. In addition, there were several cycles of army worms that destroyed hundreds of acres of desirable vegetation, with Unit G being hit the hardest.  In spite of these factors, wetland food production across the area was only slightly below average.  Hunters should expect shorter vegetation and more shallow water than typical.  With the late season heat and drought, hunters may also have to deal with a little extra cocklebur.    

Japanese Millet was planted in a few small areas.

Milo was planted in C-South and F-East.   

Season Dates

SOUTHESAT LATE ZONE DUCK SEASON OPENS Nov. 6,2021 - Jan. 2, 2022 and Jan 15 - Jan. 30, 2022

WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE OPENS Oct. 30,2021 - Jan 2, 2022 and Jan. 22 - Feb. 13, 2022

DARK GOOSE SEASON OPENS Oct. 30 - 31,2021 and Nov. 3 - Feb. 13, 2022 

Light GOOSE SEASON OPENS Oct. 30 - 31,2021 and Nov. 3 - Feb. 13, 2022

Conservation Light Goose season is from February 14  - April , 2022



NOTE:  Legal shooting hours are 1/2-hour before sunrise to SUNSET.  Late shooters (shooting after sunset) will be prosecuted.

All hunters must check-in daily using iSportsman electronic check-in from a PC, smartphone, or by phone before hunting and check out at the end of the hunt regardless of harvest.  We have a zero tolerance policy on failure to comply with iSportsman and check station requirements. Please remember to fill out the check-out report with accurate information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE MANAGEMENT OF THE AREA. FILL OUT ONLY YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARVEST EFFORTS, i.e., NOT A GROUP HARVEST TOTAL.  Go to:

Outboard motors are restricted on this wildlife area and are allowed in Unit G and in the boat lane only in Unit A-East. Outboards are not allowed in any other wetland units. Electric trolling motors are unrestricted. Boats must be operated at wakeless speed.  Boats must have sufficient PFDs for occupants.

Waterfowl report is updated only if there are significant changes in waterfowl numbers or hunting conditions.