Commonly called "grass carp," fish tips scales at 67 pounds

PRATT -- Andrew Miller was fishing for bass in a farm pond near Tonganoxie on May 10 when he got the surprise of his life. Something hit his lure so hard he knew it couldn't be a bass. After a battle that lasted more than 20 minutes, Miller finally landed a 67-pound white amur, also known as a grass carp.

Because grass carp are herbivores, Miller was even more surprised when he saw what he had, but according to Kirk Tjelmeland, Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) fisheries biologist who confirmed the catch, "This fish was big enough to eat anything it wanted." In fact, the huge grass carp topped the old record by 7 pounds. The fish also measured 49 ¼ inches long and 31 inches in girth.

For more information on Kansas state record fish and KDWP's Master Angler Program, pick up a copy of the 2005 Kansas Fishing Regulations Summary, available wherever licenses are sold, or visit the KDWP website.