Resident bowhunters can purchase licenses and permits online from the convenience of home

October 1 marks the traditional opening day of the archery deer season in Kansas. Recent cool breezes and the hint of fall color in the cottonwoods invoke an almost involuntary response from avid bowhunters – the desire to satisfy the primal urge to hunt.

Many veteran bowhunters wait to concentrate their hunting effort in late October and early November when the rut begins. This is a truly magical time as bucks compete for breeding does, providing unforgettable scenes to the bowhunter waiting in a treestand. However, even the most experienced archer will succumb to the October 1 opportunity to visit the woods and watch. It may be an excuse to shake off summer doldrums or it may be an opportunity to take a doe and stock the freezer with venison before serious buck hunting.

While sharpening broadhead blades, checking arrows, and honing their shooting skills, bowhunters should also make sure they have their deer permits and licenses. It’s never been more convenient for resident hunters to purchase a permit and license. The conventional method -- dropping by the local sporting goods dealer -- is always available. But for some hunters, KDWP’s online purchase option is more convenient. From the comfort of home, any time of the day or night, a hunter with a computer, printer, and internet access can buy and print the license, permits and carcass tags necessary for tomorrow’s hunt. (NOTE: Deer permits are not valid until the next day after the date of purchase.)