Urges all Kansans to enjoy the state's natural resources

Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has expressed her appreciation for the state's natural resources with an official proclamation urging all Kansans to get outdoors and enjoy them. The proclamation reads as follows:

  • WHEREAS, Kansas state residents have a proud tradition of both safeguarding the environment and enjoying the outdoors;
  • WHEREAS, a clean and sustainable environment contributes to our quality of life;
  • WHEREAS, outdoor recreation promotes health, fitness, and environmental awareness;
  • WHEREAS, outdoor recreation is an ideal way to exercise and enjoy memorable experiences with family and friends;
  • WHEREAS, it is up to all of us to maintain and enhance our legacy of environmental stewardship and enjoyment of the great outdoors; and
  • WHEREAS, it is our duty to leave a well-tended legacy to those who will follow us;

NOW, THEREFORE, I Kathleen Sebelius, governor of the great state of Kansas, do hereby proclaim June 2007 as Great Outdoors Month in Kansas, and I urge all citizens to take the time to enjoy our state's various state parks and outdoor activities, to share them with family and friends, and to make outdoor activities a regular part of their lives.

More information on Kansas Governor's Proclamations is available online.