Late season hunts offer opportunities for waterfowl, small game, upland game, morePRATT — Upland bird and waterfowl seasons have been open for more than two months now, but that doesn't mean it's time for hunters to put up their shotguns. Quail, pheasant, and prairie chicken (Northwest and East units) seasons are open through Jan. 31, and rabb ... Read More

State income tax return box helps conserve all wildlifePRATT — While tax time is still a couple of months away, most taxpayers are starting to prepare, mentally and financially. While no one looks forward to tax time, concern for wildlife is year-round, and in Kansas, the two are connected. Checking the Chickadee Checkoff box on Kansas State I ... Read More

Regular season April 14-May 31; youth/disabled, archery seasons April 1-13PRATT — The 2010 spring turkey season runs April 14-May 31, and hunters across the state are already making preparations. Turkey permits allow hunters to use a shotgun, crossbow, or bow throughout the regular season. Archery-only and youth/disabled seasons run concurrent ... Read More

Kansas Alliance of Wetlands and Streams helps producers with land coming out of CRPSALINA — Each year, the Playa Lakes Joint Venture (PLJV) gives approximately $120,000 in Capacity Grants to extend habitat conservation projects throughout the playa lakes region. The grants are intended to help landowners develop habitat projects that benefit p ... Read More