Jan. 26, 2012
500 permits available to adult residents; youth permits valid statewide
PRATT — While Kansas spring turkey permits are available to all hunters in most of the state, only 500 permits (residents only) will be issued for Unit 4, a western portion of the state bordered by highways I-70 on the north, U.S. 183 on the east, and U.S. 54 on the south. Fifty percent of these permits are reserved for applicants who qualify as landowner/tenants in that unit. Resident youth (age 16 and younger) turkey permits are valid statewide, including Unit 4.

Applications for Unit 4 permits must be received online or by phone at 620-672-0728 no later than Feb. 10. Electronic applications are available at www.kdwpt.ks.us. There are no paper applications or mail-in forms. All draw applications must be submitted through the online application process or by phone.

Spring turkey permit and game tags fees are as follow:

  • Unit 4 Resident General permit­ — $27.50;
  • Unit 4 Resident Landowner/Tenant Permit — $17.50;
  • Unit 4 Preference Point — $6.50;
  • Resident General permit — $22.50;
  • Resident Combo permit/game tag (available through March 31) — $27.50;
  • Resident Youth permit — $12.50;
  • Resident Youth Combo permit/game tag (available through March 31) — $17.50;
  • Resident game tag — $12.50;
  • Landowner/Tenant permit — $12.50;
  • Landowner/Tenant Combo permit/game tag — $17.50 (available through March 31);
  • Nonresident General permit — $32.50;
  • Nonresident Combo permit/game tag (available through March 31) — $47.50; and
  • Nonresident game tag­ — $22.50.

A Spring Turkey Atlas showing all public hunting lands and spring Walk-In Hunting Access (WIHA) lands will be available at Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism (KDWPT) offices and the KDWPT website in late March. For more details on Kansas spring turkey hunting, go to the KDWPT website, www.kdwpt.state.ks.us, and click “Hunting/Turkey Information.”