Nov. 27, 2014State parks and wildlife areas are open, but offices closed over holidayPRATT – With mild weather forecast through the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend, spending time outdoors hunting, fishing or hiking can be a perfect way for families to enjoy time together. Kansas state parks and wildlife areas offer great outdoor opportunities; how ... Read More

Nov. 27, 2014A hunter can gift as many as 200 meals at a local food pantry with a donated deerPRATT – A mature white-tailed deer, even field dressed, can often outweigh the very hunter lucky enough to make the harvest. Combine that with generous permit allocations in some areas of the state, and some hunters may find they are quickly filling th ... Read More

November 27, 2014Enrolled private waters can benefit from fish stocking and habitat managementPRATT – If you are a landowner with private waters and are interested in sharing the joy of fishing with others, you may want to consider becoming a part of the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism’s (KDWPT) Fishing Impoundments and Stream ... Read More

Nov. 27, 2014The 2015 contest will have a new adult category open to photographers age 19 and olderPRATT – There’s a reason people are drawn to outdoor photography. It showcases a world outside of our own, it unearths creatures we may not have seen otherwise, and it reminds us that there is beauty all around us. The contestants of the second an ... Read More

Nov. 27, 2014KDWPT has an easy-to-follow video to show you howPRATT – Eating a “gamey” piece of wild meat can be a deal-breaking experience for some. For those with sensitive palates, it can be enough to swear off wild game altogether, while for others it’s simply a less than favorable taste. The truth is, Kansas big game rarely possesses such ... Read More