Jan. 15, 2015One elk tag and six deer tags were drawn for 2015PRATT – Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commissioners recently met in Bonner Springs on Jan. 8 for the first commission meeting of 2015. During the general discussion period of the meeting, six lucky Kansas-based nonprofit organizations that actively promote wildlife conservation ... Read More

Jan. 15, 2015Warmer temperatures will begin causing weak spots on frozen waters PRATT – A recent cold-spell had many Kansas lakes covered in thick ice, creating ideal conditions for ice fishing, but even with very cold temperatures, ice anglers must be vigilant. Now that temperatures are warming, extreme caution must be used in avoiding we ... Read More

Jan. 15, 2015The annual birding competition sports big results, big-name prizesPRATT – You may not consider yourself a “birder,” but if you’ve ever watched a hummingbird sip at a feeder, took note of a flock of geese up high, or watched a robin build a nest in your front yard – you’re a birder. And if you can find a way to positively identify e ... Read More