SOUTH PADRE ISLAND, TEXAS – Fishing’s Future, a national organization aimed at getting more families outdoors, is proud to announce the national launch of the 2015 Catch-Photo-Release contest for youth anglers.Contest requirements are simple. All a young angler has to do is catch a fish, photograph it, release it, and write an essay, in 200 wor ... Read More

MCPHERSON – Have you ever wondered how wolf spiders got their name? Or how they can see so well at night? If you’ve ever questioned what purpose spiders really serve, there’s a workshop coming up you don’t want to miss. Dustin Wilgers, Ph.D., from the Department of Natural Sciences at McPherson College, will be hosting several interactive eveni ... Read More

PRATT – The Fourth of July Holiday is popular with Kansas state park patrons. It’s hot, and being outdoors close to the water draws thousands. Most parks have designated swimming beaches, buoyed for safety, but there are no lifeguards. Swimmers must obey safety rules and use common sense to prevent tragedy from marring what should be a fun, rel ... Read More

PRATT – If you’re still looking for the ultimate family-friendly location to spend the Fourth of July Holiday, consider visiting your local Kansas state park. With great views, access to water, and eye-catching fireworks displays, Kansas state parks are the perfect answer for a fun and memorable holiday this year. All Kansas state park Fourth o ... Read More

PRATT – The lesser prairie chicken population increased approximately 25 percent from 2014 to 2015, according to the recent range-wide aerial survey. Wildlife biologists with the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (WAFWA) attribute the increase to abundant spring rainfall and ongoing efforts associated with the Lesser Prairie Chi ... Read More