Five-year Hunt/Fish Licenses Offer Savings and Convenience

Five-year Hunt/Fish Licenses Offer Savings and Convenience

PRATT – Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism license and permit fee increases took effect Jan. 1, 2016 and with those fee changes, some new licenses are being offered. Five-year hunting, fishing and hunt/fish combination licenses are now available and offer significant savings compared to purchasing licenses individually each year. A five-year hunting or fishing license is $102.50, compared to purchasing the $27.50 annual hunting or fishing license each year for five years - $137.50. A five-year hunt/fish combination license is $182.50, compared to buying an annual combination hunt/fish license for five years – $212.50 if purchased before Feb. 1, or $237.50 if purchased after Jan. 31.

The five-year licenses offer convenience and savings; however, they do not provide the holder resident status if they should move from Kansas before the license expires. The license is valid through its expiration date, even if the holder moves to another state, but a five-year hunting license holder who becomes a nonresident is required to purchase nonresident deer and turkey permits. And therein lies the difference and perhaps confusion when comparing the five-year licenses to lifetime licenses. The holders of lifetime hunting licenses are always considered Kansas residents when purchasing turkey and big game permits, regardless of where they live.

Another new license offered this year is the early-purchase annual hunting/fishing combination license. If purchased before Feb. 1, the price is $42.50. If purchased after Jan. 31, the price is $47.50. If you purchase your hunting and fishing licenses individually, you’ll spend $55.

The license fee increases were necessary to maintain and enhance pivotal hunting and fishing programs. Deer and turkey permit prices had not increased since 1984 and general hunting and fishing license fees had remained the same since 2002. Youth and senior lifetime pass license fees were not increased.

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