iSportsman Daily Hunt Permits

iSportsman Daily Hunt Permits

PRATT – Kansas hunters should be aware that iSportsman Electronic Daily Hunt Permits are required on 24 wildlife areas (check the 2016 Kansas Hunting and Furharvesting Regulations Summary or for a list). The electronic permit system has been in place for two years, and is normally fast and efficient. However, the software company that manages the host servers experienced technical difficulties this week that slowed the check-in procedure. Hunters utilizing iSportsman may experience slow processing or may find the system entirely down for the next few days.

iSportsman replaces the old paper permits and allows hunters to conveniently check in and out using a telephone, smartphone or home computer. As with the old paper system, information gathered helps area managers tailor management practices specific to an area and hunter preference. The paper system was inconvenient for hunters and labor intensive for managers. However, hunters who experience difficulties this weekend with iSportsman are encouraged to check wildlife area offices and kiosks and use paper forms where available.

Repairs should have the iSportsman system fully functional soon, and KDWPT staff want all hunters to enjoy hunting this weekend. If technical problems persist, KDWPT encourages hunters to go hunting but keep trying to check in with iSportsman or check with area offices and kiosks for paper cards.

UPDATED - 10/19/2016

  • The computer and smart phone website is up and going. Access using the address,
  • The toll free check-in phone system is still experiencing technical difficulties at this time.

UPDATED - 10/12/2016

  • The toll free check-in phone system is also experiencing technical difficulties.
  • Melvern Wildlife Area's kiosk is in the process of being renovated. Please take a picture of the card with your phone and email it to the following email address: 

UPDATED - 10/8/2016

Kansas hunters, the iSportsman electonic daily hunts permit system it working. The normal address is still down but you can use the addresses below.

UPDATED - 10/7/2016

Kansas hunters, the iSportsman electronic daily hunts permit system is still having technical issues. While we urge you to try and check-in through the system we are providing the following methods for you to provide your information.

  1. The following locations will have permit cards located at the main kiosk. Please fill out the card and place them in the box. 
    • Cheyenne Bottoms
    • Clinton WA
    • Hillsdale WA
    • Jamestown WA
    • Lovewell WA
    • McPherson Wetlands
    • Melvern WA
    • Slate Creek WA
  2. Otherwise, please download and print the following permit.
    • General Daily Hunt Permit (PDF 58.36 kB)
    • Once you complete the hunt, fill out the permit and send it to KDWPT in one of the following ways:
    • Mail to the Pratt Operations Office:

      Kansas Department of Wildlife, Park and Tourism
      ATTN: Public Lands Division
      512 SE 25th Ave.
      Pratt, KS 67124

    • Take a picture of the card with your phone and email it to the following email address: