HARTFORD ­– Everyone has heard of, and probably participated in, a spelling bee. But did you know there is such a thing as a wing bee? There is and it is well-known among waterfowl biologists. While it’s not a competition, the wing bee is part of the annual waterfowl harvest monitoring process, and each year it brings professional biologists an ... Read More

HUTCHINSON – Anyone who has a passion for bowhunting and archery should make plans to attend the 43rd Annual Kansas Bowhunters Association State Convention and Banquet in Hutchinson, Feb. 26-28, 2016. The event will feature all things bowhunting, including outdoor gear and products, photography, paintings, arts and crafts, custom kniv ... Read More

PRATT – Just six hunting-related incidents were reported in Kansas in 2015, tying the record low set in 2013. Unfortunately, one hunter lost his life. While six incidents is an amazingly low number considering hunters recorded more than 5 million hunter-days last year, it doesn’t lessen the impact on a family and community who lost one of their ... Read More