Big Games Seasons Set for 2016

Big Games Seasons Set for 2016

PRATT – At the March 24 Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Commission public meeting held in Topeka, a number of items were discussed and voted upon, including changes to the Public Lands Regulations reference document, and regulations for antelope, elk and deer hunting. The Secretary’s Orders for deer permit quotas were also presented.


Several changes have been set in place for 2016 on select public lands, including access restriction, boating, alcohol consumption, and the use of firearms, among others. For more information on specific changes that may have taken place at an area near you, it’s best to contact the area office. For contact information, visit Changes can also be reviewed by consulting the 2016 Kansas State Park and Public Lands Regulations Summary, visiting, or consulting the 2016 Kansas Hunting and Furharvesting Regulations Summary when available this fall.


The 2016 antelope season will be open Sept. 24-Oct. 2 and Oct. 15-31 for archery, Oct. 7-10 for firearms, and Oct. 3-6 for muzzleloaders.

This year, an additional 46 antelope permits will be made available, with 36 of those being firearms permits, and 10 being muzzleloader permits.


The 2016 elk season will be open Sept. 12-Dec. 31 for archery; Nov. 30-Dec. 11 and Jan. 1-March 15, 2017 for firearms; and Sept. 1-30 for muzzleloaders.


The 2016 deer season will be open Sept. 3-11 for youth and disabled hunters; Sept. 12-25 for muzzleloader season; Sept. 12-Dec. 31 for archery season; Oct. 8-9 for the pre-rut white-tailed deer antlerless-only season; and Nov. 30-Dec. 11 for firearms seasons.

Extended firearms seasons will be open Jan.1-2 in Units 6, 8, 9, 10, 16, or 17; Jan. 1-8 in Units 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13, or 14; and Jan. 1-15 in Units 10A, 15, or 19.

Recommendations for 2016 migratory bird seasons and regulations were also presented to the  Commission and will be voted on at the April 21 public meeting. Waterfowl hunting regulations are usually discussed at the June and August meetings. However, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has recently changed its regulation cycle and released waterfowl regulation frameworks early.

The next Kansas Wildlife, Parks and Tourism commission meeting is scheduled for April 21, 2016, Great Plains Nature Center, Wichita.