MANHATTAN – Kansans are encouraged to nominate a farmer, rancher or private landowner who they believe demonstrates outstanding stewardship and management of natural resources for the 2016 Kansas Leopold Conservation Award. The Sand County Foundation, the Kansas Association of Conservation Districts (KACD) and the Ranchland Trust of Kansas are ... Read More

PRATT – Among Kansas’ big game species, antelope, also commonly referred to as pronghorn because of their hook-shaped horns, are some of the most elusive mammals to hunt in the state. With vision that can span distances as far as three miles out, and top speeds that easily rival most interstate drivers, it’s a wonder how any hunter manages to f ... Read More

PRATT ­– There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tick prevention – the only guarantee is that ticks will be around – but a proactive approach can minimize the potential for lifelong health issues, and reduce these pests to a simple, minor annoyance.Tick numbers usually peak in early June, but depending on spring temperatures, they can ... Read More