PRATT – The fourth of July holiday usually means three things for Kansans: fireworks, BBQ, and of course, open water. Make this holiday everything it should be, including safe, by keeping the following things in mind while on and around water.-State park beaches do not have lifeguards. Parents should keep a close eye on youngsters and it’s a go ... Read More

PRATT – Bullfrogs: big, green, bellowing creatures of the pond. They’re a common sight in Kansas, and more so a common sound at night. A bullfrog’s call seems to say “summer is here,”and what better way to celebrate the season than to catch these water-loving acrobats with friends and family. The Kansas bullfrog season will be open from July 1- ... Read More

PRATT – You know “your limits,” you’ve never been in an alcohol-related accident before, and you could handle your boat with a blindfold on. You figure it’s summertime, the weekend, and time to relax and knock back a few. But that good time that you’re after can quickly turn tragic no matter how well you think you can hold your liquor. This sum ... Read More