Wild About Kansas Photo Contest Winners Announced

Wild About Kansas Photo Contest Winners Announced

PRATT – Photographers of all ages and skill levels recently competed in Kansas Wildlife And Parks Magazine’s 6th annual Wild About Kansas photo contest. Youth and adult photographers vied for top spots in one of five categories where images were judged on creativity, composition, subject matter, lighting, and sharpness. Out of 379 submissions, 29 images made the final cut and will be featured in Kansas Wildlife And Parks Magazine’s 2019 photo issue set to unveil this month.

“We look forward to this contest every year, because we know we’re going to see a side of Kansas we haven’t seen before,” said Kansas Wildlife And Parks Magazine managing editor, Nadia Reimer. “It’s especially exciting to view our state’s wildlife through the lens of our youth. Their curiosity and enthusiasm for the wild world comes through in their photos, and things I’ve seen many times suddenly become fascinating again.”

Submission categories included wildlife, outdoor recreation (not hunting or fishing), landscapes, other species (typically non-mammal species), and hunting and fishing. Results from the 2018 photo contest are as follows:



1st: Jay Stockhaus, Clearwater

2nd: Joe Lucas, Littleton, Colo.

3rd: Matt Wastler, Olathe

Outdoor Recreation

1st: Luis Felipe B. B. Feitoza, Manhattan

2nd: Christine Gold, Overland Park

3rd: Christine Gold, Overland Park


1st: Robert Dilla, Wichita (pictured)

2nd: Jeremy Black, Haysville

3rd: Michael Frost, Russell

Other Species

1st: Charles Gibson, Jewell

2nd: Luis Felipe B. B. Feitoza, Manhattan

3rd: Forrest Fee, Morrill

Hunting and Fishing

1st: Renae Goetz, Hill City

2nd: Brad Schlegel, Wichita

3rd: Brad Schlegel, Wichita



1st: Jenna Thompson, Parker

2nd: Michaela Gold, Overland Park

3rd: Danielle Gold, Overland Park

Outdoor Recreation

1st: Tyler Trecek, Alton

2nd: John Walker, Franklin

3rd: Johanna Walker, Franklin


1st: Nick Swallow, Garnett

2nd: Kylie Rankin, Oxford

3rd: Kieren Shultz, Burlingame

Other Species

1st: Danielle Gold, Overland Park

2nd: Michaela Gold, Overland Park

3rd: Maggie Sanders, Rossville

Hunting and Fishing

1st: Isaac Shultz, Burlingame

2nd: Andon Soukup, Park City

3rd: N/A


To purchase a copy of the 2019 photo issue or to subscribe to Kansas Wildlife And Parks Magazine, call (620) 672-5911 or visit ksoutdoors.com/Services/Publications/Magazine.

Details on the 2019 contest will be made available on ksoutdoors.com this spring.