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Located on the broad, flat flood plain below the junction of Flat Rock Creek and the Neosho River, the wildlife area is a man-made marsh developed by the Department in 1960. The area covers 3,246 acres. The five largest pools on the area represent 1,675 acres of the 1,787 of intensively managed wetlands. There are sixteen independently managed wetlands throughout the area. The area was primarily designed, and is managed to furnish a resting and feeding place for migratory waterfowl.

Three of the sixteen pools are managed in a moist soil environment through a water level manipulation plan. Four green tree marshes ranging in size from five to fifteen acres offer a different type of hunting opportunity for the sportsman using the area. Area personnel plant an average of 400 acres of corn, milo, buckwheat or millet in the hunting pools. The grain is left in the field and inundated in the fall.

The 800-acre refuge pool is closed to all hunting, foot and vehicle traffic during the waterfowl season. The water level of this pool fluctuates naturally throughout the seasons and provides good aquatic habitat for waterfowl. Fishing is allowed from March 31 until August 31. Good fishing can be found at times in the Neosho River, Flat Rock Creek and Brogan Creek, existing in part on the wildlife area.

8705 Wallace Road
Saint Paul,KS    66771
Area News - Updated: 10/03/2019

Area News

Neosho Wildlife Area


The renovation project has two objectives. The first is to improve the amount and quality of habitat available annually for waterfowl and other wildlife species. The second objective is to decrease the annual operation and maintenance costs at the area.

October 3,2019

Mother Nature has been very trying this summer to say the least! Heavy rains right before Memorial Day weekend brought the river to levels comparable to 2007 (although the damage to infrastructure was not nearly as extensive). Our main flood control levees were overtopped in early June putting more water across the entire area than there was during late duck season. By early July we were finally able to get water off of most of the pools long enough for Moist Soil plant germination to take place. Moist soil was fertilized in early July just in time for it to start raining again. Tractors and implements were not able to get within the wetlands until July 20th and roughly 130 acres were worked with plans of planting millet. Ground was worked just in time for another 3-4" rain. These acres were drilled to millet the following weekend just prior to another big rain. Germination of millet was fantastic and is coming along nicely. With all of the wet weather, wild millet germination was exception in with the drilled millet and will provide some fantastic food production.

In early August we were finally able to get heavy equipment contractors in to begin repairing flood damages and begin working on some drainage issues in Pools 1, 2A, and 2B. These drainage issues were expected and part of the original renovation plan. Work on these is complete. 

We have been capturing some rainfall in many of the pools. Please remember that it is a long season and we prefer to stage our water levels up throughout the year to provide ideal foraging depths and continue to provide "fresh" food. 

Overall this years habitat looks great to exceptional. This years diversity of moist soil plants is exceptional and should provide a fantastic buffet for migrating waterfowl. It seems like we have said it several times of the last several years but the seed production on the wild millets and smart weed is unbelievable and we are very pleased with our habitat production! 

Reminder: iSportsman daily permits are free and required of all hunters. This applies to all types of game, not just waterfowl hunting. Failure to comply with iSportsman regulations will not be tolerated and will result in a citation. Hunters are encouraged to access their iSportsman account to ensure that their information is up to date and that they have their username and password. Please do this by going to the iSportsman webpage ( and click on "My Account". You can edit any information here.The information acquired from this system is very critical to the future management decisions of the area. Thank you for you cooperation.

New brochure maps are in and will be available at the checkstation and Parking area KIOSKs so please feel free to grab one and make yourself familiar with these.

 A couple of the new regulations will be parking in designated parking areas ONLY , boats must operate at no wake speeds in the boating canals, and watercraft are not permitted with the hunting pools until the day of waterfowl season. Also Pools 4A and 4B are open to NON-MOTORIZED boats only (Note: An electric trolling motor is a motor and will not be allowed). Staff has posted pictures showing new levee arrangements, parking areas, camping areas, boat ramps and boating canals. This is a very exciting time with all of the improvements being made. This site will be updated as work progresses and season nears and once again thanks for your patience while this much needed work is being completed!! 

Area staff has had a lot of questions on how the main parking area is going to work for this fall.  Parking will be allowed only where the gray curb stops are located.  The curb stops that are painted red symbolize no parking.  The most efficient use of the parking area will be to travel counter clockwise as the curb stops are angled for this direction of travel.  We realize that there are places in the parking area where there are no curb stops that look very appealing for parking but they are not designated areas to park and parking in such areas is not allowed and will not be tolerated.  We want to make sure there is ample room for every user whether it be trucks with trailers, cars or just  regular trucks.  All parking areas will be marked and are in the new area brochure.  Parking along roadsides will no longer be tolerated for safety reasons.  It is each users responsibility to know the regulations, so if you have questions or are unsure please feel free to contact us. 

South Unit Renovation

South Unit Renovation was completed early in 2019. We have boards in some of the moist soil pools and began capturing water in early August. Water levels are excellent in all pools except for the timber pools. Some minor dirt work was completed in early September. The dirt work stems from from flood damage back in late May-June. Pumping of the South Unit is anticipated to begin in late October/early November. Please remember that we have to meet all of Division of Water Resources compliance requirements and pumping will only take place with river flows meeting their requirements.

All Water Control structures were replaced and levees were rebuilt and raised. This should make water delivery to the pools much more feasible and reliable. This has also increased the amount of hunt-able acres as well as the surface acres.

Pool 9 Construction -Construction of a new 35 acre wetland began on September 16th. This wetland will be located just east of the "Tin Barn" and south of 47 Hwy. It was dry enough to work for 4 days. Significant progress was made until it rained again on September 20th. Since September 20th the area has received 11.25 inches of rain through today (October 3rd), and no construction has been able to take place since. With it raining now, and more rain in the forecast this pool will not be completed in time to get vegetation established on the new levees. Pool 9 will not have water for the 2019-2020 waterfowl season but will be ready to go for next year! 

Hunting Pool Habitat 2019-2020.

Pool Acres Beans Corn Millet mix Moist Soil Greentree Buckwheat
1 350 100 0 30 155 65 0
2A 155 0 0 60 55 30 10
2B 190 0 0 10 150 30 0
4A 90 0 0 0 90 0 0
4B 65 0 0 0 60 0 5
5 85 0 0 30 35 20 0
6 15 0 0 0 0 15 0
7 7 7 0 0 0 0 0
8 33 0 0 0 33 0 0
South Unit 100 0 0 0 60 40 0

As always, if you have questions please feel free to call the office at 620-449-2539.  We are always happy to take your calls and please keep in mind that this is a field office, so if we do not answer please leave a message and we will get back in touch with you as soon as we can.  

General Information
8705 Wallace Road
Saint Paul, KS    66771

Neosho WA (PDF 340.27 kB)

Manager: Monte Manbeck

Assistant Manager:  Travis Ratliff

Phone: (620)-449-2539

From St. Paul travel east on Highway 47 2 miles to Wallace Rd.; turn south and travel approximately 1.25 miles. Office on west side of road

Special Regulations
  • Pool 8 is restricted to waterfowl hunters accompanied by a youth hunter, 16 years of age or less on weekends and holidays. The adults may hunt with the youth hunter.
  • Non-toxic shot is required for all hunting.
  • All hunters must obtain a free daily hunting permit utilizing the new isportman checkin prior to the hunt and checkout after the hunt is completed.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.


In 1959, the Kansas Forestry, Fish and Game Commission purchased the initial 2,975.5 acres. In 1988 an additional 270 acres were purchased through a fifty percent cost share agreement with Ducks Unlimited Inc. The area was first opened to waterfowl hunting in the fall of 1962.

Neosho Facilities
Camping area
  • Type of Facility: Primitive camping
  • Location of Facility: N37 30 38.475 W95 8 3.920
  • Click for more information

    Primitive camping

Camping area
  • Type of Facility: Primitive camping
  • Location of Facility: N37 28 47.403 W95 7 47.013
  • Click for more information

    Primitive camping

Camping area
  • Type of Facility: Primitive camping
  • Location of Facility: N37 30 1.196 W95 9 11.662
  • Click for more information

    Primitive camping

Pool 8 Youth Hunting Pool
  • Type of Facility:
  • Location of Facility: N37 30 35.356 W95 7 31.186
  • Click for more information

    Youth hunting pool (16 or younger) on weekends and holidays.

South Unit Waterfowl Checkstation
  • Type of Facility: Information center
  • Location of Facility: N37 25 15.265 W95 7 28.138
  • Click for more information

    Daily permit booth to obtain Daily Waterfowl Permits

Pool 4 Boat Ramp
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • Location of Facility: N37 29.430 W95 08.894
  • Click for more information

    Boat ramp for access into Pool 4 for waterfowl hunting.

Pool 3 Boat Ramp
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • Location of Facility: N37 29.140 W95 07.480
  • Click for more information

    Access into refuge pool from March 1 through October 1 for fishing and wildlife viewing.

Pool 3 Boat Ramp
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • Location of Facility: N37 28.797 W95 07.789
  • Click for more information
    xmlns:xhtml='' ><paragraph>Access into refuge pool from March 1 through October 1 for fishing and wildlife viewing.</paragraph></s xmlns:xhtml='' >

    Access into refuge pool from March 1 through October 1 for fishing and wildlife viewing.

Pool 2 Boat Ramp
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • Location of Facility: N37 29.567 W95 08.944
  • Click for more information

    Boat ramp for access into Pool 2 for waterfowl hunting

Pool 1 Boat Ramp
  • Type of Facility: Boat Ramp
  • Location of Facility: N37 30.036 W95 09.434
  • Click for more information

    Boat ramp for access into Pool 1 for waterfowl hunting

Waterfowl Checkstation
  • Type of Facility: Information center
  • This facility is ADA accessible
  • Location of Facility: N37 30 49.903 W95 8 33.935
  • Click for more information

    Checkstation building and daily permit booth to obtain Daily Waterfowl Permits

Neosho Wildlife Area Waterfowl Report - 02/14/2020
Waterfowl numbers
iSportsman (electronic daily hunt permit system) is required for all hunters, We now have a zero tolerance policy on failure to comply with iSportsman.

10 to 15,000 ducks consisting of Mallard, Pintail Green Wing Teal and mixed diver species. 1,500 White-fronts, 500 Canada Geese and 10,000 Snow Geese

Water level

Planning water level management strategies for the upcoming growing season.  No water is being released at this time. 

Adequate water in all pools for goose hunting and launching boats.   

Please take a look at the maps below for a layout of the pools and their respective names.


Hunting conditions

Ice conditions exist as of 2/14/20 which could make the goose hunting tough. 

Please see the area news page for a breakdown of habitat types within each pool.  

Expected hunting success
Duck season is closed!
Dark goose season closes February 16th, 2020
Regular Season 2019-2020

Southeast zone duck season was a very successful one on Neosho Wildlife Area. We want to thank everyone for the continued cooperation with utilizing our electronic check-in/out system. We encountered very few issues with compliance this year. Below is some of the general data that can be extrapolated from the information the hunters provide.  Area staff look at and manipulate this data in many different ways to make management decisions for upcoming years and to also look at what management strategies worked during the hunting season.  

Season totals: 3,491 hunter trips (13th overall in hunter numbers) harvested 6,041 birds (10th overall in total harvest, 1300 more than 2018-2019) for a 1.73 BPH average (9th overall BPH).

November Totals (23 days): 1,359 Hunters (39% of 2019-2020 hunters) harvested 2,766 birds, 46% of total harvest (54% Mallards, 30% Green-winged Teal, 4% Pintail) for a 2.03 BPH average. Average of 59 hunters/day harvesting 120 birds/day.

December Totals (31 days): 1,422 Hunters (41% of 2019-2020 hunters) harvested 2,166 birds, 36% of total harvest (82% Mallards, 5% Pintail, 4% Green-winged Teal) for a 1.52 BPH average. Average of 46 hunters/day harvesting 70 birds/day.

January Totals (20 days): 710 Hunters (20% of 2019-2020 Hunters) harvested 1,110 birds, 18% of total harvest (79% Mallards, 5% Pintail, 5% Ring-necks) for a 1.56 BPH average. Average of 36 hunters/day harvesting 56 birds/day. 

32 Youth Hunters Harvested 133 ducks for a 4.15 bph. 20% of the Harvest was teal, 53% Mallards.

Teal Season 2019 - 129 Hunters harvested 384 teal for a 2.98 BPH average 

All Boating regulations are enforced! (Lifejackets, navigation lights, etc.)
All boats must operate at no wake speeds within boating canals (signs are posted)

Please remember to fill out the permit with accurate information. THIS INFORMATION IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE CURRENT AND FUTURE MANAGEMENT OF THE AREA. FILL OUT ONLY YOUR INDIVIDUAL HARVEST EFFORTS, each individual hunter needs to check in/out and report his/her harvest totals. i.e., NOT A GROUP HARVEST TOTAL.

Neosho WA requires all hunters to utilize the daily permit system called isportsman.  Hunters will need to register via PC prior to hunting at Neosho WA.  Hunters will be able to login via PC, smartphone, or call in from cell phone or landline phone each day prior to hunting to get a daily permit, and report back similar to the paper daily permits.  Please visit register prior to hunting season.

Waterfowl hunting in Pool 8 is restricted to youth hunters and their mentor on weekends and holidays.