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Beginning September 1, 2018 Juniper road that goes through the wildlife area will be gated off and closed until May 31 of the next year.  The road will be closed during the major hunting seasons to enhance the hunting on the area.  

Public hunting is allowed on the 160 acres of designated wildlife area west of the park. Vehicle parking is available at either end of the access road into the area. Hunters can expect wooded and rugged canyon terrain. Landowner permission is required to hunt on the nearby private land.

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Scott State Fishing Lake Area News - Updated: 05/16/2007

Scott State Fishing Lake Area News

General Information

Scott SFL & WA (PDF 248.04 kB)

Park Office: (620) 872-2061

Manager: Brent Clark (620)276-8886

Geese at Scott Lake

Special Regulations

Vehicles must stay on established roadways. Off-road driving is not allowed.

 A no trash policy is in place on this property. Please help us keep the area clean by taking your trash home.

 Refer to the information sign at the parking lot or written regulations to obtain current bag limits, hunting regulations, and public lands regulations.

Here is a complete list of Public Land Regulations or you can download the regulation summary.