About Social Security Number

The Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks (KDWP) is required to comply with certain laws relating to the collection of social security numbers. Federal law (Title 42 of the United States Code, Section 666 (a) (13)), requires each state to have a license sanction procedure for individuals who owe back child support. In addition, Kansas law (Kansas Statutes Annotated 32-918 and 32-930) stipulates that a person can be denied a recreational license if that person is behind in paying court-ordered child support.   

In order to provide effective child support enforcement, social security numbers are required to be collected of any applicant for a recreational license, which includes hunting licenses, permits, stamps and tags; fishing licenses and permits; trapping licenses; boating permits; state park and camping permits or other issues of KDWP. 

The license and reservation system requires an applicant’s social security number to be entered only one time. Once entered into the system, the applicant will be provided a unique KDWP identification number for use in all future transactions. The applicant’s social security number is not printed on the license nor is it displayed on the screen when a new license is purchased. The social security number is held in a secure database and will only be available upon request to the Kansas Department for Children and Families for the purpose of child support enforcement or to the Kansas Department of Revenue, Director of Taxation, for compliance with Kansas Statutes Annotated 74-139.