How To Become a Hunter Ed Instructor


Hunter Education Volunteer Instructors are representatives of the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks and the Hunter Education Program. They are representatives of the tradition of the hunt. They are expected to be professional level instructors who are knowledgeable about all aspects of the Hunter Education Course. Instructors are expected to be ethical and responsible hunters who can pass on the traditions of the hunt in a manner that brings credit to the sport and to those who participate in the hunt. Instructor conduct, in and out of class, must be above reproach.

Why should you become an instructor? Contribute to the community; desire to work with young people; desire to pass along the tradition to the next generation of hunters; desire to teach the ethics and responsibilities of the hunt; concern for the future of hunting; appreciation of the natural world and many others. Most often the unstated reason involves a deep love for the hunt and all that goes with it that must be shared and passed on.

After 1 November 2010, all new instructors will be classified as Hunter Education Assistant Instructor once they have completed all the pre-certification training. Assistant Instructors are authorized to teach all subjects in a Hunter Education class, to include live fire and field exercises. Assistant Instructors are not authorized to organize any classes.

Being an Instructor involves a commitment to spend the time and personal resources necessary to become certified, remain certified and most importantly to make yourself available to assist other instructors in the conduct of Hunter Education classes. The Hunter Education Program does not reimburse Instructors for the time spent in training or conducting classes and does not routinely reimburse you for the cost of using your personal vehicle.

What can instructors expect?

You can expect to spend three hours in preparing for every hour that you teach and additional time spent assisting with class set up, administration, class control and whatever else might be needed.

You will be expected to portray a favorable image of hunters, hunting, and Hunter Education; to be a positive role model for the students as well as the community at large. Any action that brings discredit can result in revocation of instructor certification.

Certification as a Hunter Education Assistant Instructor requires the following:

When all these steps are completed and upon passing a detailed background check you will be certified as a Hunter Education Assistant Instructor.

  1. Submit an application to the Hunter Education Section in Pratt.
  2. Pass an initial background check.
  3. Complete an on-line Policies and Procedures course.

Full details of the requirements for completion of each step will be provided by the Hunter Education Section upon acceptance of your application.

Instructor application (PDF 150.87 kB)