Mill Valley High School


Mill Valley High School

Eric Thomas

5900 Monticello Rd.

Shawnee, KS 66226

(913) 422-4351

Biologist: Tim Urban

(913) 422-1314

Regional Coordinator: Alaine Hudlin

(913) 209-0207

Special features: The site is part of the city park adjacent to Monticello Trails Middle School, Mill Valley High School, and across the road, Clear Creek Elementary School. The site is referred to as the Shawnee/Mill Valley Educational Community Park. A natual woodland, shrub land, grassland site with a concrete sidewalk throughout its length along Mill creek.

Unique Features: The site's community support was instrumental in its development, but more importantly in its management...keeping the site mowed, etc.

Initial funding: 01/15/2002


Second funding: