For information on becoming a Kansas Falconer, or to obtain an application packet, please contact Sarah Navarro at or 620-672-5911.

115-14-11 (PDF - 23.24 kB)

Falconry; general provisions.

115-14-12 (PDF - 135.50 kB)

Falconry; permits, applications, and examinations.

115-14-13 (PDF - 80.28 kB)

Falconry; facilities, equipment, care requirements, and inspections.

115-14-14 (PDF - 98.72 kB)

Falconry; taking, banding, transporting, and possessing raptors.

115-14-15 (PDF - 17.62 kB)

Falconry; transfers, trading, and sale of raptors.

115-18-02 (PDF - 135.63 kB)

Raptor Propagation Permit - Application, Reporting, and General Provisions.

Falconry Trapping & Release Application (PDF - 187.73 kB)

Non-Resident falconers are required to provide a copy of their current falconry permit in addition to the above trapping application. Non-resident Falconers: Please email completed application and copy of current falconry license to