Recovery Plans

Arkansas River Speckled Chub

Photo by Garold Sneegas

Recovery plans are a designated strategy with the objective to guide research and management aimed at enhancing the listed species' population.  Ultimately, the goal is to be able to remove the species from threatened and endangered status in Kansas.  Plans are developed based on a species priority list established by the Threatened and Endangered Species Task Force, through public comment, and in accordance with the amount of funds appropriated for this purpose.  If you need information about a recovery plan currently not on this page, then please refer to the Contact link on the  Wildlife Diversity page.

Some of the recovery plans available here have been reduced in size due to server storage limitations.  Also, some rare species locations are kept confidential due to their sensitive nature.  To request a copy of complete documents via E-mail click here or contact the Environmental Services Section at the Pratt office.

Permission to Quote

Recovery plans might contain information subject to future modification and revision.  Permission to quote or cite information from any recovery plan for any purpose must be obtained from the Chief of the Environmental Services Section.