Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control

Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control is an important part of wildlife management on your own land. For more information please click on the following link: The Importance of Wildlife Control

Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control is a program that is governed by the Kansas Department of Wildlife and Parks. It is designed to help citizens find someone who is knowledgeable in nuisance wildlife control. A list of Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control permit holders by region is available below the Regional Offices information. Please refer to the following map to find the correct region for your location:

Regional Offices

Please refer to the list of the permittees in the following Regions.  Note - there may be a fee charged by the permittees for this service.

NWDC Permit Holders (PDF 335.07 kB)

Interested in becoming a Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control permittee? Please see the information below regarding the NWDC permit:

  • All applicants must take the Department issued NWDC Exam.
    • The course work is self-directed  
    • The exam is open book and consists of 100 multiple choice questions
    • The exam can be taken at your closest KDWP regional or district office OR your local K-State County Extension Office.
    • A minimum score of at least 80% is required to pass; a passed test is valid for 5 years
  • A new NWDC Application is required each year
    • The permit is valid from the date of issue through December 31st of that year 
  • An Activity Report is due at the end of the year with the activity done under the permit for that year.
  • The permit and test are free of charge

It is recommended to review KDWP regulations on our webpage (Click Here) prior to requesting the NWDC application. The following link directs you to regulations 115-16-01, 115-16-02, 115-16-03, 115-16-04, 115-16-05, 115-16-06: Wildlife Damage Control Regulations

For further information about Wildlife Damage Management please refer to the following link:

Univ of Nebraska - The Internet Center for Wildlife Damage Management

If you have any questions, please contact the Fisheries and Wildlife Division at (620) 672-5911, or contact the Regional Office closest to you.

Nuisance Wildlife Damage Control Training Manual (PDF - 1.97 MB)

This manual may be printed and taken to the exam site and used during the testing. Please note: to assure you have the most recent regulations, please refer to the Wildlife Damage Control Regulations link above. This will take you directly to the most current regulations pertaining to NWDC.