Water is Essential

Nothing attracts birds more during hot seasons than a fresh water supply provided for drinking and bathing purposes. In times of drought it may even save lives. A larger bird bath that can be easily cleaned and refilled is best. Giant concrete saucers work well, as do pools made from concrete or metal, so long as the surface has been layered with gravel or is roughened. Flowerpot saucers and other small containers can provide water but must be renewed often. Small pools should only be a few inches deep and have bottoms that slope gradually from the edge. Most yards can accommodate a 4-by-10 foot pool but larger pools are also excellent bird attractors. Plants can be added to supply oxygen and shelter for fish which can help keep the pool mosquito free.

Daily fresh water is needed during the winter. Water can be kept from freezing by letting it trickle or by using electric heating coils available at hardware stores and nurseries.