Asian Carp - 3 Species

Black Carp

Black carp (Mylopharyngodon piceus)

Where did Asian carp come from?

  • Asian carp were imported from Asia in the 1970s for aquaculture purposes.
  • Asian carp have escaped aquaculture facilities into Midwestern rivers and streams.

Where have Asian carp been found in Kansas?

  • Click here to view the list of Kansas waters with Asian carp and other aquatic nuisance species.
Silver Carp

Silver carp ( Hypophthalmichthys molitrix)

What do Asian carp look like? Each of the 3 species has unique characteristics. A brief description follows:

  • Bighead and silver carp have scaleless head; body scales are very small.
  • Adults may be more than 60 lbs. in weight and 4 ft. in length.
  • Bighead and silver carp have low-set eyes and a large upturned mouth without barbels.
  • Silver carp may jump out of the water when disturbed by boat motors.
  • Black carp have large scales, with a blackish brown body.


Bighead Carp

Bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis)

Why are Asian carp a problem?

  • They directly compete with other fish for food resources.
  • Asian carp grow quickly and feed voraciously-can consume 40% of their bodyweight each day.
  • Silver carp pose physical danger to boaters because of their leaping ability. Anyone boating in Silver carp infested waters should be aware that these large fish may jump into your boat.
  • Black carp feed exclusively on native snails and mussels.

 What do I do if I find an Asian carp?

  • Do not release the fish back into the water. If you catch an Asian carp somewhere other than the Kansas, Missouri, Big Blue, and Wakarusa Rivers, freeze it in a sealed plastic bag, note the date and location, and call the Emporia Research Office at (620) 342-0658 or email the Aquatic Nuisance Species Coordinator.

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