Aquatic nuisance species often travel by hitchhiking with the help of unsuspecting people. Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers – follow these simple steps at every lake and river, every time…
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  • CLEAN: Inspect and clean anything that came in contact with the water, including boats, trailers, equipment, clothing, dogs, boots and waders, etc. Remove any zebra mussels, other animals, mud, plants and other debris before leaving the area.
  • DRAIN: Empty all water from engines, livewells, bilges, bait buckets, and every other conceivable space or item that can hold water before leaving the area. Dump live bait on dry land or at bait disposal sites, not into the lake or stream. Never move live fish between bodies of water or up streams.
  • DRY: All equipment for 5 days before using it again. If you need to use it sooner, Wash It with 120 degree water (retail car washes are OK) before using your equipment in another body of water.