WIFA Program Rules


Signs posted at lease sites.

Walk-In Fishing Access (WIFA) sites are leased from private landowners and are typically open to public fishing from March 1- Oct. 31, but some proper-ties are open year-round. The WIFA program provides all anglers increased opportunies to enjoy fishing on the state’s streams and small impoundments. Funding for the program is provided through fishing license fees and Sport Fish Restoration Funds. Please observe all rules and regulations, and remember that common sense and ethical behavior will influence the future of the program.

The following guidelines will assist sportsmen in using FISH tracts:

  1. Look for the WIFA signs before entering the property. Sites may have been withdrawn from the program. If you do not see signs, do not enter.
  2. Obey lease boundaries. Stay within 50 feet of the stream or impoundment shoreline. If the WIFA property is a stream, fish only on the side of the stream that is posted as an access site. Do not walk or fish on adjacent property.
  3. Respect the rights of landowners, as well as others using the area. Treat the land as if it were your own.
  4. Take all trash with you when you leave. If someone before you has acted irresponsibly and left trash, please take a moment and pick it up, too.
  5. Do not open gates or enter properties with vehicles, unless authorized. Park along the road or in designated parking areas. Leave field-access, drives, and rural roads open so that landowners moving large implements may pass.
  6. Avoid stretching fences when crossing them, and use fence stiles where available.
  7. Do not attempt to contact cooperating landowners to ask about fishing other portions of their land. Landowners often enroll in the program to reduce contact with anglers.

Regulations governing WIFA area use: 

  • The WIFA sites are open to public access from March 1 through October 31. (Some are open year-round, see legend.) 
  • Impounded WIFA waters have a creel limit of two channel catfish, a creel limit of two largemouth bass, and an 18-inch minimum length limit on largemouth bass. Otherwise, all Kansas fishing regulations and statewide creel limits apply. It’s especially important for anglers using the sites to respect and follow the rules that apply on WIFA properties. You do not need to contact the landowner for permission on WIFA waters.
  • The following regulations are in effect on WIFA waters: The discharge of firearms is prohibited (KAR 115-8-5); Seining is pro-hibited on all F.I.S.H. waters, and trotlines and setlines are prohibited on impoundments under 1,201 acres in size (KAR 115-8-6); No swimming (KAR 115-8-8); Camping by posted notice only (KAR 115-8-9); No pets, except on a leash (KAR 115-8-10); No horseback riding (KAR 115-8-11); No stocking or release of wildlife, including the dumping of live bait (KAR 115-8-12); Vehicles shall be operated only as authorized (KAR 115-8-13); No fireworks (KAR 115-8-14); No unauthorized fires (115-8-15); No littering (KAR 115-8-18); No cereal malt beverages or alcoholic liquor (KAR 115-8-19); Destructive acts such as digging or destroying signs or vegetation is prohibited (KAR 115-8-20).
  • All Kansas boating laws are in effect on WIFA waters.

On occasion, sites enrolled in the program are removed at the landowner's request. Make sure the land you are entering is posted with FISH area signs.
Funding for this program has been provided in part by fishing license fees.