Cheney Reservoir Fishing Report -
Fishing Newsletter     All KDWPT fisheries districts are offering a fishing newsletter that can be sent out to all that want it. The newsletters are aimed at keeping anglers informed about fishing opportunities and information in their areas of interest. The first few editions of the Cheney Fisheries District have been completed and are ready for distribution.
Zebra Mussels    

Zebra mussels can be found attached to rocks lakewide. Zebra mussel veligers are too small to be seen with the unaided eye and they can be found in boat livewells, minnow buckets, boat bilges, water toys, and anything else that is capable of holding even a small amount of water. Be sure to drain all equipment before leaving the lake to avoid moving veligers to other waters. THIS INCLUDES MINNOW BUCKETS, BOAT LIVEWELLS, AND BILGES!!!

Click HERE to learn how to prevent the spread of zebra mussels.

White Bass and Wiper Fair  Up to 25" Try trolling crank baits, casting swim baits or spoons, or top water in the morning or evening. 
Walleye Poor Up to 25" Try using jigs, large crank baits, or crawlers near points and deeper water in the evening and morning.
Crappie Poor  Up to 15" Try using live minnows, jigs, or a combination of both in deeper water.
Blue Catfish Poor  Up to 30 lbs Fish with live or cut bait near wind blown areas 15'-25' deep in the evening, at night, or early morning.
Channel Catfish Good Up to 20lbs Try fishing cut bait or stink bait in deeper water deep in the evening, at night, or early morning
White Perch Good Up to 12"

White perch are being caught using similar methods for Wipers and White bass. Most White Perch are 5"-8". 

White perch cannot be used as live bait, but they do make good cut bait. For tips on identifying a white perch from a white bass, wiper or striped bass click HERE.

All white perch in your possession must be dead. It is illegal to posses live white perch.


KDWPT facilities are open to the public. Please practice social distancing and observe all safety precautions put in place by staff. Thank you.

For the latest information on the COVID-19 virus, visit .

*Cheney Reservoir has been reduced to a Blue Green Algae WATCH by the KDHE.*

Under a WATCH advisory, take the following into consideration:


 •   Signage will be posted at all public access locations
 •   Water may be unsafe for humans/ animals
 •   Avoid areas of algae accumulation and do not let people/pets eat dried algae or drink contaminated water
 •   Swimming, wading, skiing, and jet skiing are discouraged near visible blooms
 •   Boating and fishing are safe. However, inhalation of the spray may affect some individuals. Avoid direct contact with water, and wash with clean water after any       contact.
 •   Clean fish well with potable water and eat fillet portion only