Cherryvale City Lake (Tanko) Fishing Information

Cherryvale City Lake (Tanko) Map
This Location does have Boat Access
Trout Lake
37.25833 -95.5533
Surface Acres:
11 acres
Maximum Depth:
Normal Lake Level:
Current Lake Level:

Cherryvale, KS

City of Cherryvale 620-336-2776

1.5 miles south of Cherryvale

Trout Stocking Information

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Southeast Region Trout Stocking Schedule

Department-owned Waters -  Trout stockings by KDWP

Southeast Region

Kings Lake

Emporia State University

Mined Land WA - Unit #30
1st Stocking Nov. 27 Nov. 27, Nov. 30
2nd Stocking Dec. 28 Dec. 28
3rd Stocking Feb. 1 Feb. 1
Total Estimated Trout Stocked for 2023-24 Season 1,785 trout 5,100 trout

Community Lake Stockings - Please contact local/city offices for dates of stockings if not listed below

Southeast Region Garnett Crystal Lake Cherryvale, Tanko Coffeyville, LeClere Lake Fort Scott, Fern Lake
1st Stocking Nov. 27 Will not stock till lake refills Nov. 28 Nov. 27, Dec. 12
2nd Stocking Dec. 12   Jan. 17 Dec. 28
3rd Stocking Feb. 15     Feb. 1,Feb. 15
Total Estimated Trout Stocked for 2023-24 Season  trout  trout  trout         trout
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